3 Reasons why Real Estate Developers should Adopt VR Technology??

by Voxel Worlds

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM

1- Easy to share the developer’s branded application and reach more customers VR technology is highly sharable and perfect for on-the- go clientele. Whether you need to reach more customers or real estate partners, building your own branded mobile application will help you increase your reach more than 5 times. Your users can use any device to view the app such as Oculus Gear VR and Google Cardboard or even via web applications on the computer or smartphone. 2- Virtual Reality reduces design phases. When a customer selects a specific design, Voxel Worlds can eliminate the intermediate steps of the design process and move quickly into design development and construction documentation. This enables clients and developers to save a significant amount of time. 3- Virtual Reality translates difficult design concepts for all audiences. It can be a challenge to translate architecture or interior design concepts to people unaccustomed to the industry. VR breaks down those barriers, instantly delivering them to a space that allows them to see the evolution by translating the ideas into an immersive environment.