Top 5 Tech Companies Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

by Voxel Worlds

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM

The real estate industry is having its big "Uber moment". Whether it is selling or buying a house, investing in property, finding a tenant or selling a commercial property, many technology-driven companies are disrupting real estate business operations. Here is a look at 5 BIG ones that caught our eyes. ZenPlace “Zenplace is reinventing property management and providing a better owner experience.” It is combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbots to help both tenants and property owners. ZenPlace analyzes local markets so that property owners can optimize their rent prices. It also helps with property management, tenant screening, and tenant concierge services for a flat fee of 5% of rent received. Voxel Worlds Voxel Worlds is a U.S. based technology company that aims to revolutionize the way real estate is bought and sold. Their solutions are geared to provide prospective buyers, tenants, or guests with the most immersive real estate experience. Users of Voxel solutions can just throw on their VR headset and take a virtual property tour of the property they are interested in. This can work for pre-existing spaces as well as development projects so that customers can survey homes and offices before they are ever built. They also use big data to provide real estate professionals with strategic and technology consulting to enhance their digital marketing and sales capabilities. Their core expertise lies in designing and developing user centered products and applications for companies across the globe. Tower360 Tower360 is blending big data and SaaS and bringing them to the real estate industry. Here’s an excerpt from Tower360 AngelList profile: “TOWER360 is a Big Data Platform with flagship modules dedicated to Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Asset Class providing real time and data driven insights to Asset Managers and Landlords to manage Assets, Deals, Leases, Tenants over one single platform (Web and Mobile) across the entire value chain of CRE.” KeepEyeOnBall Berlin Here’s an excerpt from their website: “KeepEyeOnBall is a Berlin-based startup that delivers Virtual Reality experiences for real estate, hospitality and construction companies. Our service puts VR -literally- in the hands of our customers (or our customer’s customers). Our Virtual Reality Mapping service takes individuals into existing spaces, without the costs and hassles of having to be physically there, saving time and money for our customers. For development projects, our service takes buyers to their homes and offices even before they are built. Deep Blocks Deep Blocks is merging artificial intelligence and real estate. “Deep Blocks uses Artificial Intelligence to digitize and automate Real Estate Development and Architecture processes. Our clients are RE Developers, Brokers, Appraisers, Bankers, and Arthritics. Our first product produces Feasibility Reports in less than 2 minutes.”