What is Virtual Reality’s contribution the Real Estate industry?

by Voxel Worlds

Posted on January 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Virtual reality is much more than games.  It has a much greater value. Gaming is a feature, not the purpose of Virtual Reality technology. Virtual reality is art, film, healthcare, architecture — anything you can think of—and they’re all growing as fast as the technology itself.   In the rapidly expanding field of virtual architecture visualizations comes probably the most user-friendly solution, and it’s called Voxel Worlds. The Washington DC-based company, is basically a service targeted towards developers looking to quickly get into Virtual and Augmented Reality. This next generation of Real Estate company will transform any of the developer’s own blueprints and plans into real homes. It will make their plans come to life.   Voxel Worlds next goal is to make services entirely configurable. It will add to its existing features and filters, new presets that will allow users to set up their furniture style, counter top materials, moldings, flooring, wall colors, nearly anything a picky homebuyer might want to cycle through to get a feel for the house’s physical environment. Next time you are looking for an apartment; you will most probably stumble upon one of their custom-built Google Cardboard apps. House selling is going to be much less tiring than ever through the power of virtual reality and Voxel technology.